Sunday, March 4, 2012

Harry C. McPherson, a Presidential Counsel, Dies at 82

This happened last Saturday, but I only got around to reading the obituary today.

I spent a good part of the day reading through McPherson's Oral Histories from the Lyndon B. Johnson Library while writing my thesis (you can find his oral histories here if you are interested). At one point, McPherson casually mentioned borrowing a pair of the president's pajamas and sleeping for a few hours after being called in to work at 2am. That little detail truly tickled me. Can you imagine taking a nap in LBJ's PJs?!

Here is the New York Times obituary. It's a great tribute to an extraordinary man. Clark Clifford is even mentioned: "[McPherson] and Defense Secretary Clark M. Clifford helped persuade the president to scale back the bombing of North Vietnam." That's exactly what the latest chapter of my thesis is about.

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