Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Oh hey there!

So I'm one of the aforementioned Spanish majors...the one that spends a good deal of time trying to look like this man.

Anyway, I'm currently doing what I, as a Spanish major, do best - avoiding an essay and reading assignment.

This reading is actually from Rayuela by Julio Cortazar, one of my favorite authors up to this point in my Spanish quest. He is Argentinian, and wrote two fascinating cuentos (or short stories) called "Axolotl" (Grace and I drew hella epic pictures for that one) and "La noche boca arriba." Just a note: I am obsessed with the latter.

Okay, well, besides distracting myself with David Bisbal and good stories from Julio, I am also a tennis player. Keeping with my Spanish attraction, I cannot get enough of Rafael Nadal. Believe me, I would love to have several hypothetical happenings with that historical figure...

Okay, I will be back when I can actually find something historical to write about. What I'd actually like to do is a joint article with GME about hypothetical interactions with Bentham's skeleton. More on that later.

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