Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stick Figures!!

This is the first in a series of stick figure drawings depicting historical events. These stick figure drawings are proudly displayed on my fridge, and this particular one is being held up by a Mount Vernon magnet. Oh, America...

Please note that while the photograph of this event was actually taken on October 9, 1967, the stick figure drawing takes place on October 8, 1967. I suppose that's better than if I had dated it October 10, 1967, considering that Che was shot about an hour after the photograph was taken.

On that note, get excited!! Che's death date is coming up, and there will certainly be some blog style celebration!*

*Please be aware that I am not at all happy that Che was executed. My historical nerdiness sometimes takes on a slightly morbid tone. For example, the highlight of my life was getting to stand in the room where Lincoln died.

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