Friday, October 22, 2010

Fidel's Inner Circle

Here's a dream that I had a little while ago in which I was in Fidel Castro's inner circle.

It started with Fidel giving a speech to his men. I and some other people he was close to were in a room right behind the stage. During the speech he started talking about one of his fallen comrades with whom he had been very close. He started getting emotional, but since he was all machismo, he didn't want his men to see him get emotional, and so he came into the back room and proceeded to yell the speech from behind the wall. It was pretty crazy seeing Fidel Castro in tears, seemingly vulnerable, and yet still inspiring power and awe. The men and I in the back room just stood there watching him.

After the speech, Fidel took me and one of his body guards down some narrow corridors and stairways into an empty room. Fidel had me watch as his body guard put a glass and metal cylinder filled with a clear liquid into a tube in the wall that would take the cylinder even farther underground. I asked if the liquid was Uranium, and Fidel said yes. As I was in Fidel's inner circle, I didn't want to ask him WHY he had Uranium. When he showed me another view of the tube, and I saw that the cylinder was hitting the sides quite violently as it went down. I decided to at least determine if I was in danger of blowing up. I asked him if the Uranium was stable, and he said that it was. It was as safe as tossing 16 pennies down the tube.

When Fidel and I turned around we realized that the body guard had disappeared. At that moment we realized that he was an informant and was going to betray us. There were two doors leading out of the room. I thought to myself, "I remember reading about this! If I can only remember which door he went through, then we can catch him before he can tell anyone about where we are and what we are doing!" Fidel opened the door to the staircase and started shooting up the staircase. On the wall, near the top of the staircase, I saw the shadow of a woman. I shouted, "Fidel! No!! It's not him!" Watching him shoot at the woman was like watching something on the history channel (not that I ever actually watch the history channel!). Images of the events that would follow flashed before my eyes, transparent picture layered on transparent picture. I was helplessly watching the first event that initiated the downward spiral of Fidel's power - it all started with the accidental murder of this woman.

The dream then jumped to a point after Fidel had fallen. There were only the faithful few left. I was to go to a cafe and meet with a man who would help me with my next assignment. I was to travel to a different country and continue the fight there.

Love and Communism,

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