Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marx on India

So you know that one dude, the one who was like, "UHHH GUYS Industrialization really sucks for people who have to work in factories and stuff, so I'm gonna write them a manifesto about the history of dialectic oppression in Europe to substantiate the need for a proletarian revolution"??

Yeah, I think he was called Karl Marx, and since then, he's been pretty influential on economics, politics and the world in general.

So for my political theory class, we're reading his articles on India and China, which are really interesting, because despite what you'd think, HE'S JUST LIKE RACIST LIBERALS LIKE J.S. MILL, EDMUND BURKE AND ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE. Who'da thunk?

The only difference? When Marx writes, "Uhh so like guyys, I think it really sux how barbaric Indians are, you know, just sittin' in their little villages, stagnating with their lack of cooperation, communication or active interest in politics, you know, they're just like a bunch of half-savages with no history to speak of," he concludes this thought slightly differently than those damn bourgeois liberals.

His conclusion: "So yeah I mean, capitalism is really terrible in Europe, cuz it's like keepin' all the poor proles down and preventing them from having an economically sound and intellectually full life, ya know, being all alienated from their labor and stuff, but I guess it's kinda a necessary evil on the road to proletarian revolution, and like communism or something cool like that. At least it beats being Indian."


SLR out.

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